Research Interest

  • Art and Cultural Economics
  • Economic Policy
  • Regional Economics


  • Kilian Bizer, Dario Gödecke, Marta Jacuniak-Suda, Tanja Klein, Angelika Sack, Annika Sommer (2019). Kommunaler Innenentwicklungsfonds. Ein Instrument zur Stabilisierung und Weiterentwicklung der Ortskerne im ländlichen Raum. Planerin 6/2019, 38-40.

Conference Talks

  • Fifth North American Workshop on Cultural Economics with the Southern Economic Association (running as part of the Southern Economic Association Conference), 23-25 November 2019, Fort Lauderdale, Florida/United States, Dario Gödecke: “Theatre Demand and Government Subsidies in Germany - A Travel Cost Analysis”.
  • Ninth European Workshop on Applied Cultural Economics with Copenhagen Business School and the University of Southern Denmark, 5-7 September 2019, Copenhagen/Denmark, Dario Gödecke: “Theatre Demand and Government Subsidies in Germany - A Travel Cost Analysis”.
  • 20th International Conference on Cultural economics presented by the Association for Cultural Economics International (ACEI), 26-29 June 2018, Melbourne/Australia, Dario Gödecke: “Theatre Demand and Government Subsidies: an Analysis of German Public Theatres”.

Topics for Degree Theses

Art and cultural economics:

  • Economic effects of cultural events
  • Visitor and non-visitor surveys in selected cultural institutions
  • Cultural economic approaches in practice
  • Markets and market intervention with art property
  • Economic analysis of cultural offerings and demands
  • Economic effects of the UNESCO World Heritage Site title
  • General support in this subject area

Supervised Degree Theses

  • Presentation and evaluation of various measures to face the shortage of general practitioners in rural Germany in the context of demographic change
  • Modularization of the vocational training system in the commercial and industrial sector - theoretical considerations and their proof of suitability at SMA Solar Technology AG
  • Impact of the Football World Cup on the economy of the host country - A comparison of the World Championships in Germany (2006) and South Africa (2010)
  • The inner development in rural areas: An analysis for the Leinebergalnd
  • The communicative utility analysis – A modified procedure for the selection of measures for internal development of settlements by municipal actors
  • The contempory Art Exhibiton documenta and it´s Regional effects on the City of Kassel, Germany
  • E-Sport - an Economic Analysis of the International Market
  • Evaluation of the Multi Criteria Analysis for the Selection of Inner Development Measures in Rural Areas
  • The demographic change and technical infrastructure - A challenge for local communities in Lower Saxony
  • The political economy of Banking Union
  • Critical analysis of the dynamics of political reforms using the veto player theorem - the example of the German pension system
  • Market concentration and market regulation - A welfare analysis of a horizontal merger in the German food market
  • The Effects of Demographic Change on Residential Property Prices in Rural Areas in Germany
  • “Rich Germany, poor communities" – Does land use contribute to increasing local business taxes? Empiricism and discussion on the fiscal analysis in the simulation game "Flächenhandel"
  • What ist he economic value of including the German theater scene in the UNESCO list of the Intanggible Cultural Heritage?
  • „Creating and preserving open space“ – Demand analysis of open space in the city of Göttingen, Germany