Studying Ancient History in Göttingen

At the University of Göttingen, Ancient History is taught with an emphasis on cultural history. Our chief research interests are religious and cultural history as well as classical reception. Current projects deal, for instance, with:

  • religion and education
  • myth analysis
  • concepts of sustainability
  • gender history
  • the history of engineering and science
  • the ancient Black Sea region.

The University of Göttingen offers the full range of disciplines dealing with ancient civilizations. The departments are closely connected through the Centrum Orbis Orientalis et Occidentalis (CORO). For a list of all institutions involved click here.

The degree program
Our MA course structure offers the unique opportunity to enrich your ancient historical education with a wide interdisciplinary perspective. You may choose to combine your Ancient Cultures - Ancient History studies (aka "main subject") with one or two module packages (aka "subsidiary subjects") to suit your personal interests and professional goals.
All MA programs at the University of Göttingen are listed under Studienfächer A-Z .

Here you can find further information on the structure of the MA program Ancient Cultures - Ancient History.

What do we offer?
The MA program Ancient Cultures - Ancient History allows you to experience and explore main fields and topics of ancient Greek and Roman history in great variety and diversity. As part of your MA program, you can acquire all methods and skills essential for understanding not only the political and historical developments, but also the culture, social structures, monuments and main aspects of life in Ancient Greece and Rome. For a short description of the course program, including the most necessary links and information, see here.

Here you will find more information as well as visualisations of the generic study pattern.