Dr. Franziska Dorn

Research Interests

  • Distributional Copula Models
  • Gender, Intersectionality and Economics
  • Measuring Inequality
  • Time Use Surveys and Time Poverty
  • Interaction between Inequality and Environmental Degradation

Current Position

    Research assistant for the German Research Foundation (DFG) project on Semi-parametric Regression Models for Location, Scale and Shape


      • Dorn, F. (2021): It's Time: Poverty, Inequality and Sustainability beyond the Mean, Dissertation, Link
      • Dorn, F., Maxand, S., Kneib, T. (2021): The Dependence between Income Inequality and Carbon Emissions: A Distributional Copula Analysis, Link
      • Dorn, F., Radice, R., Marra, G. and Kneib, T. (2021): A Bivariate Relative Poverty Line for Leisure Time and Income Poverty: Detecting Intersectional Differences Using Distributional Copulas, Link
      • Dorn, F.; Folbre, N., Gautham, L., MacDonald, M. (2021) Cheap Praise: Bonuses for Essential Workers in the Covid-19 Pandemic. In Duffy, M.; Armenia, A.; Price-Glynn, K., editors. Confronting the Global Care Crisis during COVID19: Past Problems, New Issues, and Pathways to Change. Rutgers University Press. forthcomming.
      • Berner, A.; Dorn, F.; Ochsner, C.; Silbersdorff, A.; Wolfinger, L. (2020). Plurale Lehre in den Wirtschaftswissenschaften an der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. In Urban, J., Schröder, L.-M., Hantke, H., Bäuerle, L., editors. Wirtschaft neu lehren. Erfahrungen aus der pluralen sozioökonomischen Hochschulbildung. Wiesbaden, Springer VS.
      • Brummbauer, T., Dorn, F., Jorck, G. von., Mewes, S. (2020): Zeitwohlstand für Pflegekräfte als Potenzial für eine nachhaltige Gesellschaft. Im Schwerpunktheft: Sozial-ökologische Infrastrukturen, Instituts für ökologische Wirtschaftsforschung
        • Teaching

          • since 2016: Statistical consultancy for bachelor and master students
          • Supervision bachelor and master thesis
          • WiSe 2020/21: Lecture series: Economic Perspectives beyond Neoclassic Theory
          • WiSe 2017/18: Lecture series: Heterodoxy in Economics - Current Research Topics in Heterodox Economics
          • WiSe 2016/17: Lecture series: Heterodoxy in Economics