Seminar für Arabistik / Islamwissenschaft

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin von Prof. Dr. Irene Schneider

  • Nijmi Edres is Post-Doctoral research fellow in Islamic Studies. She was awarded a Ph.D. from the University of Rome "Sapienza". She received her Bachelor degree (summa cum laude) in Linguistic and Cultural Mediation Sciences from Milan University (2008) and her Master degree (summa cum laude) from the Italian Institute of Oriental Studies, Rome University (2011). After completing her MA, she was awarded a full-time Ph.D. grant from Sapienza University. She wrote her Ph.D. on "The Juridical status of Palestinian Muslim Women: the case of Israel". In academic year 2015/2016 she held a position of temporary Lecturer at the Humanities Department, University of Macerata (courses of Modern Standard Arabic) and she cooperated with Milan University.

  • At the moment she is part of the HERA "US-PPIP Understanding Sharia: Past Perfect/Imperfect Present" project. Her research examines the application of Islamic Law in contemporary Israel, focusing on neo-ijtihad and Muslim women rights.

  • Her recent research projects also include Political Islam and Islamic associations, degree of religiosity and connections between Islam and Palestinian national identity in Israel, cultural-language maintenance and language shift within the Israeli-Palestinian minority.

  • Her main fields of research are:

  • History of the Middle East (with particular reference to Israel and Palestine)
  • Islamic Law and women rights;
  • Islamic feminism;
  • Islamism and Islamic associations/movements;
  • Minority Rights; Cultural and language maintenance among minority communities (bi-multilingual, bi-literate learning experiences, cultural-language maintenance and language shift among the Palestinian minority in Israel)
  • Identity Studies and Transculturalism;

  • Publications

  • EDRES Nijmi, "Identità in transito: lingua araba e comunità nazionale palestinese in Israele" ("Transitional Identities: Arabic Language and the Palestinian National Community in Israel") in Calvi M.V., Bajini I. & Bonomi M. (ed.s), Lingue Migranti e Nuovi Paesaggi, Milano: LED editore- Edizioni Universitarie di Lettere Economia e Diritto, 2014, pp. 185-200.

  • EDRES Nijmi, "La réaffirmation de l´identité palestinienne en Israël : le rôle du mouvement
    islamique israélien dans le cadre éducatif", Maghreb-Machrek (Institut Choiseul, ESKA, Paris),
    N°220, 2014, pp. 109-125.

  • EDRES Nijmi, "Fiqh al-aqalliyyat: the case of Muslim minority in Israel", in De Angelo Carlo
    and Tolino Serena (ed.s), Islamic Law and Minorities: Past and Present, Oriente Moderno, Brill,
    2016 (forthcoming).

  • DUBOSC Fabrice Olivier and EDRES Nijmi (ed.s), Short Lexicon of the Great Migration, Minimum Fax, forthcoming (in Italian).