Protestant Theology (Ecclesial degree)

Course of studies: Protestant (Lultheran) Theology
Degree: ecclesial degree
Years of study:10 semesters (plus up to two semesters for Hebrew, Greek and Latin)
Course of study begins: every semester (summer and winter term)
Enrollment: free (enrollment without any application)

Short description of the course of studies:

Students will get to know various methods in order to be able to deal with the different disciplines of theology, namely the Old and New Testament, Church History, Dogmatics and Moral Theology, Practical Theology and Religious Education (Pedagogy). This knowledge is mediated to enable the students to work in a scientific way and to establish their own founded ideas so that they can properly represent Protestant (Lutheran) faith in their jobs as ministers.
This ecclesial degree thus qualifies students to begin their further training in Church (vicariate) and eventually become ministers in the Protestant Church.

Further core themes in Göttingen:

Göttingen’s theological faculty also offers courses on Religious Studies, Ecumenical Theology and Jewish Studies as well as the Institute for Special Research which features several research departments that focus on Early Christian Studies and the Dead Sea Scrolls for example. For more information go to “Institutions”.

More Information:

For more information and details on this course of studies and in case you have any questions feel free to contact the faculty’s study advisor Dr. Frank Schleritt via eMail ( or visit him in E30 (Mon 3-5pm, Tue-Wed 10am-1pm, Thu 2-4pm).