Equal opportunities

FOR is setting a good example when it comes to equal opportunities for women: two of the seven applicants are female and six of the eight employees are young researchers. The equal opportunities measures are aimed at the targeted career promotion of female scientists at all qualification levels. For this purpose, various seminars and workshops will be offered to promote female employees, e.g. career planning for female scientists as well as networking and self-marketing. The female scientists also have the opportunity to participate in a short-term international mentorship programme. This programme, conceived by the Equal Opportunities Office of the University of Göttingen for the collaborative projects, offers female junior researchers the opportunity to travel abroad to meet internationally renowned scientists. This way, they are brought into contact with a mentor at an early stage of their academic career. This provides them with an introduction to international research, giving them the opportunity to make important contacts for their future careers and to get to know other research methods and locations.
The promotion of female junior researchers is also taken into account when selecting guests and workshop participants. For example, invitations are issued on a preferential basis to young female researchers with a research focus on myths. A start was made with Noga Ayali-Darshan, a young female researcher from Israel, who participated in the first Round Table on Mythology.

Reconciliation of work and family

Equal opportunities and the reconciliation of work and family life are implemented within FOR with the help of various measures. As five of the eight subproject directors have children, special attention is given to childcare provisions. This is reflected particularly in family-friendly meeting and conference times. For any exceptions, which are kept as rare as possible, qualified flexible childcare for the marginal times is provided with the help of the FamilienService offered by the Kindertagespflegebörse Göttingen. This is also offered during business travel, conference trips and qualification measures. If required, routine tasks, e.g. bibliography and research, may be delegated to additional auxiliary staff to relieve mothers and fathers with family obligations.