new labelled toilet signs

You may or may not have heard of it yet: at using the toilets on Oeconomicums ground floor corridors (not the ones in front of BBWiSo), you will now find newly labelled signs. On June 29th 2016, the Faculty Council of the Faculty of Social Sciences approved the Equal Opportunity Commission’s proposal concerning this matterissue. The previous binary ladies and gentlemen’s toilets (room 0.148 & 0.155) have now therefore been renamed to “Damen/Inter*/Trans*” and “Herren/Inter*/Trans*” intending to cut down discrimination against people who cannot or do not want to attribute themselves to the male /and female binary system. Other non-binary gendered toilets can be found at the Equal Opportunity Commissions Central Office (Goßlerstraße 9) and the Center of Methods in Social Sciences (Goßlerstraße 19).