Doctoral Process

GAUSS is committed to provide its doctoral candidates with the best possible support and training to successfully complete their research work and dissertation but also to gain important key skills to qualify for careers within and outside of academia. By being a member of GAUSS you take advantage of increased networking possibilities and a wide range of qualification offers and services.

Throughout the three to four years of your PhD, you are focusing on independent research and writing a dissertation. You will be guided by a thesis advisory committee (TAC) consisting of three academics: the main supervisor and one additional examination accredited person (see list of GAUSS faculty members), as well as one further academic with at least a doctoral degree.
The TAC advises the doctoral student and monitors your progress throughout the doctoral process. TACs serve two main purposes:

  • provide critical feedback to the research progress and data interpretation, and
  • mediate potentially upcoming difficult situations between the doctoral student and supervisor

During the course of the PhD, certain elements and performances are mandatory across GAUSS, as for example annual reports and performance records (checklists are available here) are documenting active participation in scientific communication, topic related seminars, teaching and professional skills. The annual reports should be presented during the yearly meetings with the thesis advisory committee (see Handout TAC Meeting , Template progress report ).
Details regarding program specific regulations are defined in the appendices to the doctoral regulations of GAUSS (German , English translation ). It is mandatory to take part in a Course on Good Scientific Practice during the first year of your PhD!

An overview of the different phases of the doctoral process in GAUSS including the corresponding required tasks and obligations by both, the doctoral candidate as well as the supervisor and thesis advisory committee, can be found in our Roadmap to a GAUSS Doctorate .


Doctoral degree regulations

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