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Innovaland - Integrated processes to support innovative, sustainable land-use concepts in social-ecological systems

Project summary

The biggest challenge for agricultural systems of the future is to integrate the large number of use interests and ecosystem services (ESS) into new land use forms. The Innovaland project will design, test and evaluate three processes aimed at promoting sustainable land use innovations. Firstly, local innovation workshops will be implemented in 4-5 local communities to develop integrative and technological solutions for the provision of different linked ESS. Secondly, an improved, effective, and practicable system for agrienvironmental measures is to be developed in cooperation with a regional government. Finally, a digital tool is developed to provide location-specific information on local ecosystem functions for farmers and land owners, and furthermore enable them to document provided ESS. A digital innovation platform will enable direct communication between users and providers of ESS, and thereby expand the involvement in the processes of the innovation workshops to other actors. In order to support sustainable land innovations, scientific knowledge in the three dimensions of sustainability is developed and integrated into the processes in a practical format. For this purpose, social development visions are collected in participatory scenario processes, economic development potentials of agricultural enterprises of the future are determined and evaluated, and a local participatory monitoring system is developed to document and assess ecosystem functions and ESS. A project specific knowledge management strategy will closely link the activities and results of the work packagesto develop interdisciplinary products, such as scientific publications or policy recommendations. In close cooperation with case study partners, the Innovaland processes are designed to be user-friendly, long-lasting and enable applications to be transferred to other regions.


Project partners

Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development
Environmental and Resource Economics

Marketing for Food and Agricultural Products

Agribusiness Management

Agricultural Policy

Helmholtz-Centre for Environmental Research UFZ, Leipzig
Department of Conservation Biology

Institute for Futures Studies and Technology Assessment IZT, Berlin
Sustainability and Transformation

Hochschule Trier
Institute for Applied Material Flow Management IfaS

Universität Leipzig
Institute for Applied Informatics InfAI e. V.

CoKnow Consulting