Sindlinger Junior Group


Welcome on the Webpages of the Sindlinger Junior Research Group.

The end of 2017 marks the establishment of this independent junior group in synthetic organometallic chemistry within the scientific environment of Prof. Dietmar Stalke at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry in Göttingen. We are interested in specific substitutions of heteroatoms in known organic ligand systems and the exploration of their influences on the coordination chemical applicability in compounds with highly ionic character.

Our work is made possible by a Liebig Fellowship of the German Chemical Industry Funds. We are excited to be member of the RTG2455 BENCh team.


08/2020 Our report on the first cationic borole incl. its CO-complex is published in Chem. Eur. J. along with a beautiful Cover Feature . Big thanks to everyone involved (and for being eligible for Open Access publishing)!
07/2020 Julijan's extended scientific research stay with our group was finally approved. Great news and welcome (again) to Göttingen!
07/2020 Maxim leaves his homeoffice to start working on a MSc project with us. Bonne Chance!
05/2020 Carefully, keeping our distances and wearing "mouth-nose-covers" we are grateful to be allowed back in the lab at reduced operations.
03/2020 We try our best to stay at home and get something done.
02/2020 Tobias' und Leonard's report on the synthesis and properties of 2,5-Disilyl-substituted Boroles was accepted in Dalton Transactions.
01/2020 Leonard handed in his BSc thesis. Great time and nice perspectives!
01/2020 In january "Nachrichten aus der Chemie" scheduled the trend report for molecular inorganic chemistry. Here is the pick Christian Hering-Junghans and I had for (a good bunch of) 2019's main group chemistry Trendberichte der Anorganischen Molekülchemie 2019
11/2019 Julijan and Lukas start a research internship. Julijan joined us from Uni Bielefeld. Good luck!
10/2019 Leonard started his BSc project. All the best!
09/2019 Annual group trip to the Bavarian Alps. This year with a little more rain than usually.
08/2019 The application for a PhD position within the RTG2455 BENCh in our group has just been unlocked job portal of the University of Göttingen. Spread the news!
08/2019 Our latest report, on how to access a neutral "Aluminocen"-Sandwich complex with a borole, has just been accepted by Angewandte Chemie.
07/2019 Wee are happy to be part of RTG2455 BENCh and the team and are looking forward to collarbotations with Leticia González .
07/2019 Steffen successfully finished his lab internship and there is again ample space for new interns!
05-06/2019 Moritz starts a lab internship and Steffen continues on the project.
04/2019 Maxim and Henner started their research internships. It's getting crowded in the lab!
03/2019 Our first Paper got accepted in Chemistry - A European Journal.
01/2019 The Trendberichte der Anorganischen Molekülchemie 2018 that were put together with Dr. Christian Hering-Junghans, have been published in Nachrichten aus der Chemie.
12/2018 Niklas Herrmann starts his research internship.
10/2018 The "group" participated in the "Boron Chemists Meeting" in Reimlingen. Great presentation, Tobias!
09/2018 Joint Group Retreat in Oberjoch (Allgäu) to discuss chemistry and hike.
04/2018 Tobias Heitkemper joins the group for his PhD project!