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Qualification Committee

Role and Tasks

  • Advice on content-related and conceptional aspects of the Qualification Program
  • Communications on the needs for qualification and the realisation of related measures
  • Annual reporting on measure evaluation and the items of the budget


    Management and Coordination:
  • Anna Klobuchowski, Section Head, Development of Non-Academic Staff

  • Representatives of the Service Unit:
  • Christine Weinrich, Head of Department HR administration and development
  • Dr. Katrin Wodzicki, Head of HR development
  • Dr. Hanna Toben, Faculty Advisor at Agricultural Sciences (Representant of the Faculties)

  • Staff Council Representatives:
  • Brigitte Hammer
  • Christine Kuba
  • N.N.

  • Advisory Members:
  • Dr. Ulrich Löffler, Head of the Student and Academic Services
  • Katrin Gehrke, Confidential Counsellor for Employees with Special Needs
  • Dr. Doris Hayn, Equal Opportunities Representative of the University Göttingen
  • Ursula Stolarski, Advanced Training Delegate of SUB

Meeting Dates

  • November 25, 2015
  • December 08, 2016
  • December 11, 2017

Documents of the meetings can be located here.
Access is limited to the members of the qualification committee.