Herminghaus, Stephan, Prof. Dr.

  • 1989 Dr. rer. nat. (Physics) University of Mainz
  • 1990 Postdoc at IBM Research Laboratory San José, USA
  • 1991-1995 Assistant Professor, University of Konstanz
  • 1996-1998 Junior group leader, Max Planck Institute for Colloid and Interface Science, Adlershof (Berlin)
  • 1999-2003 Full Professor of Physics at University of Ulm
  • 2003 Director, Dept. Dynamics of Complex Fluids, Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization, Göttingen
  • 2005Adjunct Professor, University of Göttingen
  • 2006 – 2007 Invited Professor at Université Paris VI, Paris, France
  • 2013 Invited Professor at Université Paris Sud, Paris, France
  • since 2017 Scientific Advisor to ESA and NIOR, Norway

Major Research Interests

Microscopic processes and mechanisms of self-organization in physical and biological systems. Physics of systems far from thermal equilibrium.

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Selected Recent Publications

  • Herminghaus S (2019) Mean Field Theory of Demand Responsive Ride Pooling Systems. Transportation Research Part A 119: 15

  • Maass CC, CKrüger C, Herminghaus S, Bahr C (2016) Swimming Droplets. Annu. Rev. Condens. Matter Phys. 7: 171

  • van den Bogaart G, Thutupalli S, Risselada JH, Meyenberg K, Holt M, Riedel D, Diederichsen U, Herminghaus S, Grubmüller H, Jahn R (2011) Synaptotagmin-1 may be a distance regulator acting upstream of SNARE nucleation” Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 18, 805

  • Roeller K, Clewett JPD, Bowley RM, Herminghaus S, Swift MR (2011) Liquid-Gas Phase Separation in Confined Vibrated Dry Granular Matter” Phys Rev Lett 107, 0408002

  • Chokkalingam V, Weidenhof B, Krämer M, Maier WF, Herminghaus S, Seemann R (2010) Optimized droplet-based microfluidics scheme for sol–gel reactions” Lab Chip 10, 1700