Dr. Sascha Bicke

Research interests

  • Durability and Weathering
  • Veneer-based materials
  • Wood modification
  • Wood-based materials
  • Impregnation
  • Drying
  • Process Design
  • Process conversion and Implementation



  • LVL Mast - Development of material- and construction-optimized transmission pylons
  • Dauerbuche
  • Platte - Development of plywood with increased fungal resistance for use as a floor slab in low-floor buses
  • Verschiedene Forschungsprojekte in Kooperation mit Industriepartnern mit den Schwerpunkten Furnierwerkstoffe, Holzmodifizierung und Prozessoptimierung



Courses presented

Supervision of student theses (for reasons of data protection law, the authors names are withheld)

Master theses


  • Bohrwiderstandsmessungen zur Detektion von Pilzbefall an phenolformaldehydmodifiziertem Buchen-LVL
  • 2017

  • Durability of Eucalyptus globulus - Studies by fungal test and analysis of extractives
  • 2016

  • Process optimization for phenol and melamine formaldehyde modification of birch veneers using atmospheric pressure plasma
  • Characterisation and analysis of impregnating resins based on phenol-formaldehyde
  • 2014

  • Increasing the durability and dimensional stability of birch plywood by modifying the veneers with phenol formaldehyde
  • 2012

  • Development of durable plywood by modifying beech and poplar veneers with melamine formaldehyde

Bachelor theses


  • Ermittlung des Bohrwiderstandes unter Variation des Bohrwinkels an Vollholz der Buche, Eiche, Pappel und Kiefer
  • 2011

  • Investigation into wood treatment with low molecular weight phenol-formaldehyde compounds

Project theses


  • The influence of phenolic resin uptake on density and swelling properties of European beech plywood
  • 2013

  • Influences of organic and inorganic acids on mechanical properties and swelling and shrinkage behaviour of pine sapwood
  • Phenolformaldehyde impregnation of beech and birch veneers for the production of plywood - comparison of the dipping process with vacuum impregnation
  • 2012

  • Pine fibres impregnated with melamine formaldehyde followed by microwave treatment to produce moisture resistant MDF boards