Dr. André Klüppel

Research interests

  • Wood-based materials for exterior use
  • Wood modifcation using condensation resins
  • Wood destroying marine organisms
  • Weathering
  • Tensile testing of micro-veneers (f-span, z-span)
  • Hardness testing


  • RiBe - Development of a weather-resistant and fire-resistant wood-based fibreboard as a carrier material for a concrete wear layer and production of a wood fibre concrete composite material for outdoor use
  • Platte - Entwicklung eines Sperrholzes mit erhöhter Pilzresistenz zur Verwendung als Bodenplatte in Niederflurbussen
  • HiMWood in seawater - Investigations into the durability of modified wood in marine construction, especially againstTeredo navalis


  • Formaldehyde measurement (chamber method)
  • High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
  • Dynamic vapour sorption (DVS)


Supervision of student theses (for reasons of data protection law, the authors names have been made anonymous)

Master theses


  • Investigations into influence of process parameters on fibre quality by means of online inspection hardware
  • 2012

  • Physical and mechanical properties of phenolic resin-modified plywoods

Bachelor theses


  • Wood in contact with seawater on the German North Sea and Baltic Sea coast - wood pests, wood preservation, wood species