Anne Berner

Research Interests

  • Ecological and Energy Economics
  • Sustainability and Growth
  • State-Space Models and Multivariate Time Series

Current Project

  • ReCap – Capping Macro Rebounds: Reconsidering the Role of Energy and Resource Productivity for Economic Growth, and Developing Policy Options for Capping Macro-Level Rebound Effects. Project Homepage

Discussion papers:

  • Lange, Steffen; Banning, Maximilian; Berner, Anne; Kern, Florian; Lutz, Christian; Peuckert, Jan; Santarius, Tilman; Silbersdorff, Alexander (2019) Economy-Wide Rebound Effects: State of the art, a new taxonomy, policy and research gaps. Link


  • Statistik Großübung
  • LaTeX für Abschlussarbeiten
  • Heterodoxie in der VWL