Criminal Law Discourse of the Interconnected Society (CLaDIS):

Addressing the Criminal Law Challenges of a Networked World (funded by "Zukunftsdiskurse", Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture Logo Niedersachsen)

The global interconnectedness of societies influences law in a very fundamental way. The network project Criminal Law Discourse of the Interconnected Society (CLaDIS) aims to investigate these influences from a criminal law perspective. Addressing novel crime phenomena and developing response strategies requires the coordinated efforts of legal scholars and expert practitioners. CLaDIS is offering a platform for such cooperation in the form of a research network. The project’s focus areas increasingly affected by a global interconnection include: terrorism and risk management in transnational crimes, cybercrime, white-collar crime, environmental crime, human rights compliance and migration and human trafficking. Academic cooperation in these areas will help to tackle the complexity of research questions, and eventually provide ongoing socio-political debates with novel scientifically grounded insights. In CLaDIS existing research approaches are brought together, networked and developed further.

An impulse paper with the research approaches can be found here.