What is a Euroculture Master Thesis?

The MA Thesis in Euroculture is an academic and scholarly research report in which you present the results of original research that you conducted yourself. Completing the thesis successfully is part of the formal requirements to graduate with an MA degree in Euroculture. In the thesis you should demonstrate your ability in collecting and evaluating information, critically utilizing relevant theories in the chosen area of inquiry, constructing, testing and defending an argument, and critically analysing and interpreting primary sources. The thesis demonstrates that you are able to present research results concisely and in a scholarly form. Completing the thesis successfully also demonstrates your capacity for working in an independent manner.

Within the context of the MA programme Euroculture, the MA thesis should be a written account of research based on a clearly defined problem located within a contemporary European context (20th or 21st century). You may choose the topic according to your academic expertise and field of interest, but keep in mind that the topic should be clearly situated within the field of Euroculture, and should deal somehow either with European culture, history, politics, foreign relations, literature and the arts, European law, history of religion in Europe or European institutions. The thesis should have an interdisciplinary character...
(Excerpt from the 'Network Guidelines')