Free Online Course (MOOC)
"European Culture and Politics"

The first Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) of the University of Göttingen - "Politics of Culture in Contemporary Europe"- was launched in 2016. This course was developed within the Erasmus Mundus Master programme "Euroculture - Society, Politics and Culture in Global Context" as a result of the cooperation between the universities of Groningen, Göttingen, Uppsala and Krakow. Its first edition in autumn 2016 attracted more than 10.000 participants from 152 countries. A third edition was completed in 2018.

Participants of the course have a chance to gain a deepened understanding of how struggles over the meaning of Europe have shaped European contemporary society and how they will shape Europe's future. The course aims at helping students to understand and identify the complexities of the contemporary crises of European integration and supporting them in developing novel responses to these crises.

For further information, please refer to the MOOC Website