The university seeks to run its operations according to selected criteria of sustainability.
The following things contribute to more sustainable operations of the university:

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Projects, obligations and initiatives of the university and its partners:


Information on cycling in Göttingen: bicycle use, bicycle repair shops, bicycle renting and much more can be found here.

Instead of owning a car, it is a possible to share one. Information on Carsharing can be found here.

Save money, ride together and it’s also tax approved – Carpooling helps to reduce CO2 and keeps you relaxed. Besides common online services, the University of Göttingen hosts its own Carpooling Platform:

For students:
Notice board on StudIP

For employees:

Do you want to relax in the bus every morning instead of being stuck in traffic? The Jobticket makes it possible. More information for employees
- of the University of Göttingen
- of the UMG

Protection of resources

You may use your own to-go-cup at all coffee machines in the dining hall or cafeterias of the university. Though using your reusable cup is not only good for the environment, it helps your wallet, too: for every time you use your reusable cup instead of a single-use cup, you will save 10 cents.
More information

  • The Second hand exchange platform on the notice board of StudIP offers a variety of useful objects: besides house-hold items and kitchenware you can find furniture, books for your studies and many other things.
  • On the website of the university you can also find an exchange platform for dispensable gear. There you will find functioning devices or used furniture that is still in good condition. You can find the contact for offers and requests on the right column of the website.
  • The UMG (Department for medical technology) has various used devices in their storages that are available for sale.
    Contact: Mr. Wille (Phone: 9551) or Mr. Böhm (Phone: 12705)

An easy step towards sustainable procurement is the transition to using recycling paper. If according to this the use of paper will be reduced through

    the avoidance of unnecessary printing
  • - using the duplex-function
  • reusing defaulted prints,
your department has already become much more sustainable.

Residues of chemicals used in laboratories that are no longer needed can be put on offer on the exchange platform for chemicals that is run by the unit for security and environmental protection.

Information on the proper recycling of electronic waste at the university and the university hospital can be found here.

A flyer of the University of Göttingen on waste separation can be found here.

Energy use and saving potentials

The department for facility management informs on its website (here and here) in great detail about how you can reduce your use of energy. There you can find more information about the university’s own photovoltaic system as well as reports from the energy use of the university in the last couple of years.

For all general and more complex questions on an economical use of electricity, heat, water and air conditioning you can consult the unit for energy, which is part of the technical facility management of the university.

Information on saving potentials at the UMG can be found here.

Sustainable procurement

As a public institution, the University of Göttingen should act as a role model. Due to its scope as an employer, it holds a powerful position in the market that can and should be used to contribute to the designing of a sustainable future. Goods that can be procured more sustainably range from office furniture, stationary goods such as paper to the vehicles used by the university.

Sustainable event management

More information

The university is one of three partners in the project “Climate Protection Göttingen”, the goal of which is to reduce the CO2 emissions of the city area by 10% every five years.

The Student Union Göttingen informs on its website.

For further questions concerning environmental protection or the safety of facilities at the University of Göttingen, please visit the website of the unit for security and environmental protection.

Contact - Green Office

Marco Lange
Sustainability Coordinator and Coordinator of the Green Office
Phone: 0551 39-21356
Email: marco.lange@zvw.uni-goettingen.de

Von-Siebold-Straße 2
Room 1.113 (first floor)
37075 Göttingen


Dina Nehring
Interconnection of students around sustainability issues
Email: dina.nehring@zvw.uni-goettingen.de

Ramona Schwarzenberger
Sustainability in teaching and learning
Email: ramona.schwarzenberger@zvw.uni-goettingen.de

Anuschka Linner
Research and Exchange on sustainability
Email: anuschka.linner@zvw.uni-goettingen.de