Hands-On Energy Science - Workshops for schools

Under the motto Hands-On Energy Science we offer a variety of workshops on the topics of our three project groups. These workshops can be individually adapted to comply with the students knowledge and interests.

Possible subjects:

  • Project A: Control of dissipation
    Friction experiments with a scanning force microscope

  • Project B: Conversion of optical excitations
    Composition and principles of dye-sensitized solar cells

  • Project C: Reactions at interfaces
    Photocatalytic splitting of water for energy storage

The workshops take place at the CRCs institutes, but individual experiments can be conducted at your school in the context of a teaching unit organized by us. Further information on the topic can also be found in our flyer.

Hands-On Energy Sciences 1
Students of the Theodor Heuss Gymnasium conducting an experiment on water splitting
Hands-On Energy Sciences 2
Students of the Max Planck Gymnasium preparing the build of a dye-sensitized solar cell