Course Overview

Type Language Credits SoSe 20 WiSe 20/21 SoSe 21 WiSe 21/22
Marketing L/E GE 6 1 1
Retail Management L/E GE 6
Supply Chain Management L2 GE 6
Seminar Selected Problems in Retailing S GE 6
Seminar Location and Property Development in Retailing S GE 6
Working Scientifically3 E GE -
Distribution L GE 6
Market Research I L/E GE 6
Market Research II L/E GE 6
Seminar Marketing and Competition Strategies S GE 6
Seminar Retail Science S GE 6
Research Project S GE 18
Synergy Module4 L GE 6 5
Working Scientifically E GE -

L = Lecture, L/E = Lecture with Exercise, S = Seminar

1In summer terms the module "Marketing" is featuring a recording of the lecture and a live exercise.
2Due to the lack of funding, the exercise Supply Chain Management will not take place in the summer term 2020.
3Due to the lack of funding, the exercise Working Scientifically will not take place in the summer term 2020.
4The seminar is offered each term. The shown terms are the ones in which the Chair of Marketing and Retail Management is involved.
5In view of the corona pandemic, the Synergy Module event will not take place in attendance during the summer term 2020. To avoid any disadvantages, it will be offered digitally as a recording by Mr. Schumann and Mr. Toporowski (Synergy Module "Information Systems in the Supply Chain").

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