Göttingen Campus Cooperations

We coordinate the Göttingen Campus strategic partnership and joint activities, support the work of the Göttingen Campus Council (GCC) and serve as a central contact point for the Campus Members and Associate Partners. Our objectives are to offer the best conditions for research and teaching in Göttingen, and to best position the University and the Göttingen Campus for continued success into the future. We help to realise synergies across the Göttingen Campus, in particular in the areas of early career support, knowledge and technology transfer and alumni relations.

Göttingen Campus

The Göttingen location has come to be synonymous with high-quality international research. To ensure that this remains the case in the future, the University of Göttingen, including the University Medical Center, and eight non-university local research centres have joined forces to form the Göttingen Campus.

Early career support

The Göttingen Campus is committed to delivering the best possible training and professional development to early career researchers.


Find out about events organized by and for Göttingen Postdocs, or get an overview of all scientific and non-scientific events at the Göttingen Campus.