Publications Monique Breaz, M.A.

Conference Proceedings

  • Breaz, Monique, Steffen Jahn, & Yasemin Boztuğ (2018): Meaningful Numbers: How Consumers' Label Comprehension and Healthful Preferences Benefit from the Reinforcement of Numerical Reference Points with Verbal Cues, Proceedings of the 47th EMAC Conference, Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Breaz, Monique, Steffen Jahn, & Yasemin Boztuğ (2018): Numbers that Talk: How the Combination of Verbal and Numerical Reference Points Help Consumers with Label Comprehension and Healthful Preferences, European Association for Consumer Research Conference, Ghent, Belgium.
  • Jahn, Steffen, Monique Breaz, Till Dannewald, & Yasemin Boztuğ (2018): Meaningful Numbers: Consumer Response to Verbal Reaffirmation of Numerical Nutrition Information, Advances in Consumer Research, 46, 683-684.