The EXIST Business Start-up Grant

The “The EXIST Business Start-up Grant” is a federal advancement program which supports innovative business start-ups from Universities and research Institutes. The EXIST start-up scholarship supports the implementation of the business idea, i.e. the development of the product- or service idea, and the elaboration of a business plan up to the company foundation.

The “EXIST Transfer of Research” is a funding program of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. It supports the outstanding research-based start-up projects that involve complex and risky development work. It consists of two funding phases. In the first phase, research results that have the potential to form the basis of a business start-up, are to be further developed so that the basic technical feasibility of the product idea is ensured and a start-up can take place. In the second phase, the focus is on taking-up business activities and securing external follow-up financing for the company.