Prof. Dr. Gesa Busch

Gesa Busch studied agricultural sciences in Göttingen and successfully completed her doctorate on the topic of "Farm animal husbandry and society - communication management between agriculture and the public" in 2016. During her doctoral studies, she spent 6 months at the University of British Columbia in Canada as a visiting researcher in the Animal Welfare Program. After completing her PhD, she researched and taught at the Free University of Bolzano (Italy) from 2016 to 2019 on issues related to sustainable mountain agriculture in the Alpine region.
Since September 2019, Gesa has been a research associate at the Chair of Marketing for Food and Agricultural Products in Göttingen, Germany. Her research currently focuses on societal expectations for sustainable agriculture and the transformation of food systems. She investigates attitudes of different stakeholders towards animal welfare and genetic modifications of plants and animals and focuses on ethical components in consumption decisions. In teaching, Gesa is responsible for "Marketing Management in the Food Industry" in the Master's program, as well as for "Advanced Theories of Consumer Research" in the PhD program.

Research focus: