01.04.2022: Return to Stage 0 of the university-wide Covid Stage Plan - only mask obligation remains

The University of Göttingen will move to Stage 0 of the university-wide Covid Stage Plan.
This also means for the Faculty of Physics that all courses will take place in presence.
The obligation to wear medical masks will initially remain in place until 30.04.2022. This also applies while seated.

04.02.2022: Conducting examinations at the faculty of physics

Warning level 2 applies, i.e. exams may take place in presence. You have been or will be informed about the form of the exam by the lecturers in due time. Therefore, please check your mail and Stud.IP account daily.
In all university buildings the 3G rule applies.
Therefore, please have your 3G certificate (ideally as a CovPass app) and your student ID ready for admission control. If you cannot present either of these, you will not be allowed to take the exam!
The following tests will be accepted as proof:
- The (free) CampusCovidScreen (CCS) test. It is valid until 48h after testing; info & opening hours can be found Warning level 2 applies, i.e. exams may take place in presence. You have been or will be informed about the form of the exam by the lecturers in due time. Therefore, please check your mail and Stud.IP account daily.
In all university buildings the 3G rule applies.
Therefore, please have your 3G certificate (ideally as a CovPass app) and your student ID ready for admission control. If you cannot present either of these, you will not be allowed to take the exam!
The following tests will be accepted as proof:
- The (free) CampusCovidScreen (CCS) test. It is valid until 48h after testing; info & opening hours can be found here.
- A PCR test, valid until 48h after testing
- A PoC antigen test for near-patient testing; valid until 24h after testing
- For in-person testing on Monday, the campus Covid screen test results from the previous Friday are also valid. On all other days of the week, PCR tests continue to be valid for 48 hours only.
To all those taking attendance exams (including vaccinated/recovered) we STRONGLY recommend attending the free CCS. Appointments have been set up for this purpose (Mon-Fri from 8:30am - 9:30am) exclusively for students and lecturers taking attendance exams.
Our lecture halls have an excellent ventilation system, so there is no increased risk of infection even for at-risk groups. Please note, however, that the ventilation system makes it slightly colder in the lecture hall.
Throughout the building, i.e., including during the exam, it is mandatory to wear a medical mask..
For contact tracking, additional registration with the DarfIchRein app is required.
- No one may participate in an exam with unexplained cold symptoms.
- If you are unable to attend the exam, please sign out in a timely manner (24 hours prior to the start of the exam).
- If you are in isolation or quarantine at the time of an exam, the order will be treated as a medical certificate and you will not be recorded as having failed the exam even after the deregistration deadline. The same applies if you experience symptoms of a cold on the day of the exam and sign out (but before the exam begins) by emailing the lecturer.

21.12.2021: Digital vaccination certificates

The Apotheke am Waldweg and the Humboldt-Apotheke also issue European vaccination certificates for people who have been vaccinated outside the EU and provide reasonably adequate documentation - as long as only the vaccine used is recognised in the EU. The QR codes produced in these pharmacies can then be easily loaded into the CovPass app and should solve the problems in everyday life.

Faculty of Physics remains in hybrid lecture model

16.12.2021: Dear students,
Lectures are to be held online as of Monday, 6.12.2021, and only events with less than 50 participants will continue to be held in person (e.g. exercises, seminars, practicals).
From 16.12.2021, all events except practical courses are to be switched to virtual.
However, due to the good ventilation system of our lecture halls, the vaccination quota among the students present, which was completely surveyed at the beginning, as well as our hygiene concept, the Presidency has granted us permission to continue to offer events (incl. lectures) in our lecture halls in presence (i.e. also beyond 16.12.2021), provided that the number of presence participants does not exceed 50.
Unfortunately, we were unable to find a uniform regulation with regard to the formats in which the events will be continued. In view of the increasing incidences, this is partly due to organisational reasons (e.g. problems with the spontaneous changeover of an exercise group from presence to virtual if the tutor has to go into quarantine). Therefore, the decision as to how the courses will be continued lies with the individual lecturers. They will inform you about the format in a timely manner.
The learning areas may remain open, but strict FFP2 masking is required.
The learning niches and the two glass boxes may also continue to be used by learning groups. However, we would like to point out that the group sizes are limited:
- A maximum of 2 students are allowed in the glass boxes at the same time.
- A maximum of 4 students are allowed in the study niches at the same time.
In all areas where learning groups gather, it is compulsory to wear an FFP2 mask.
The study niches and glass boxes will also be equipped with QR codes, please do not forget to log in to the "Darf ich rein" app there as well.
Best regards, your Dean of Studies Office

Information for International Students

Studentenwerk: On Monday, 11.10.2021, the 2-G rule will apply

Further information
Der Campus-Covid-Screen steht auch im WiSe 2021/22 allen Studierenden und Mitarbeiter:innen der Georg-August-Universität Göttingen zur Verfügung. Standorte: Mensa Italia und bisher Nordcampus/Bushaltestelle (in der Goldschmidtstraße gegenüber der Bushaltestelle Tammannstraße) und jetzt Nordcampus/Foyer der Fakultät für Geowissenschaften und Geographie.
Ab Mitte Oktober werden zusätzlich auch Nachmittagstermine angeboten.
Diese Möglichkeit gilt für alle in der entsprechenden Studien- und Prüfungsordnung aufgeführten Module.
Insbesonder auch für
B.Mat.0011 (Analysis I),
B.Mat.0012 (Analytische Geometrie und Lineare Algebra I)
B.Mat.0021 (Analysis II)
B.Mat.2110 (Funktionenanalysis)

02.08.2021: Plans for the winterterm 2021/22

In addition to lectures, tutorials and lab courses in particular are of central importance for successful physics studies. While the latter give students the opportunity to conduct their own experiments, tutorials in particular open up discourse and exchange among students to work on tasks together or to deepen the experiments and concepts shown in lectures.
Aware of this important building block of successful physics studies, the Faculty of Physics in Göttingen has endeavoured since the beginning of the pandemic to offer our students - and especially the first semester - the highest possible degree of attendance and to make the best possible use of the available room capacities in compliance with all valid hygiene regulations.
Learn more

28.07.2021: Determination of a significant impairment of university operations for the duration of WiSe 2021/22

Last Wednesday, the Presidential Board determined that university operations will remain significantly impaired for the duration of winter semester 2021/22.
In view of the current or pending admission procedures for continuing degree programmes (including doctoral programmes), the acting Vice-President for Studies and Teaching, in exercising the responsibility regulated in § 4 para. 3 ZZO crisis, therefore decided on 19 July 2021 that for students who have been admitted and enrolled on a conditional basis, the university will not be able to continue its operations for the duration of the winter semester 2021/22. 2021, that the dates of prognosis decisions and deadlines for the latest proof of previous graduation will be extended by 6 months for students who have been admitted and enrolled in continuing degree programmes with suspensive conditions for the winter semester 2021/22, in order to continue to guarantee the most favourable conditions for applicants in view of the (global) pandemic development. Prognosis decisions for this cohort are therefore generally not required until 15.05.2022, and proof is required by 30.09.2022.
1. for degree programmes with a standard period of study of less than 3 semesters, the deadline for providing evidence of previous degrees is extended by only 4 months.
2. for students who have already been enrolled at least once in the same continuing degree programme with a dissolution condition, there will be no postponement of the decision on the prognosis. As in the previous semester, this is not in the interest of placing a heavier burden on these students than on those admitted for the first time, but the deans of studies should have the opportunity to check in good time whether the attainment of the undergraduate (Bachelor's) degree by these students is still being pursued with the expected priority. (The introduction of this regulation was based on reports from individual faculties, according to which the first students enrolled without a Bachelor's degree fulfilled the admission requirements for Master's theses).
The procedure already applied in previous semesters will thus essentially be continued for the cohort of new students in the coming winter semester.
Please note, however, that the corresponding deadlines (which have already been extended) concerning the cohorts of beginners for the winter semester 2019/20, the summer semester 2020, the winter semester 2020/21 and the summer semester 2021 cannot be adjusted again. Beginners of the winter semester 2020/21 must therefore provide proof of their previous degrees by 30.09.2021 at the latest.

Survey: Need for vaccination offers

We would also like to offer you the greatest possible presence in the coming winter semester.
At present, our planning assumes that we will fill the lecture halls with 50 percent of the seats and thus be able to offer all core curriculum lectures, tutorials and basic lab courses in attendance.
For further preparation, we would like to ask you to participate in the survey on the right regarding the need for vaccination offers.

Vaccination offer

Vaccination offer in the “Mensa am Turm” on Friday, 30.07. and Monday, 02.08.2021.
In the next few minutes/hours, the appointment booking will be activated on the university homepage.
Vaccination offer at "Mensa am Turm"

Possibility of cancelling an examination or an attempt to improve a grade in the B.Sc. in Physics or M.Sc. in Physics

"1If the Presidential Board has determined a significant impairment of university operations within the meaning of Article 7, Paragraph 7, Sentence 1 GO for the period of a semester, the following shall apply upon application for a module examination, partial module examination or partial module examination taken within this semester
a) in the case of a fail, the examination attempt used up shall be deemed not to have been taken,
b) in the case of a pass, that the examination may be repeated once for the purpose of improving the grade.
2An application in accordance with sentence 1 cannot be made for several module examinations, partial module examinations or partial module examinations of the same semester and not more than once for the same examination performance.”

In concrete terms, this means for enrolled students that they can apply retroactively for a semester for which a significant impairment has been determined (i.e. so far SoSe 2020 to SoSe 2021) to have an examination attempt cancelled or to receive a grade improvement attempt. The application is to be submitted informally to the Examinations Office, stating your first and last name, matriculation number and desired examination performance (with date).
The only requirement is that you must be enrolled in the degree programme at the time the change in regulations is published. We expect this by the end of July.

23.06.2021: high vaccination rate in Göttingen

"In Lower Saxony, the residents of the city of Göttingen are already the most vaccinated, with a rate of more than 40 percent: The city of Göttingen thus has the highest percentage of Corona vaccinations statewide. This is the result of an overall survey of vaccinations by the state of Lower Saxony. The table, which is available to the Tageblatt, shows that the city of Göttingen, with a rate of 40.19 per cent of citizens, is at the top of the list of those already fully vaccinated statewide. More than 71 percent of all city residents have already been vaccinated once." (Source: Göttinger Tageblatt)

M.Sc. Physics: Deadline for proof of completed Bachelor's programme

Due to Covid-19 the University extend the deadline for proof of completed Bachelor's degree for 6 months.
Students who were conditionally enrolled in the Master's programme in Physics in the winter semester 2020/21 due to uncompleted Bachelor programme, have to provide the Degree Certificate on 15 May 2021 at the latest.
However, ToR of all students will be checked at 31.03.2021 whether the bachelor degree is expected in time. If not, you can no longer be enrolled in the Master's programme.

SUPPLEMENT 11.01.2021
There is currently a problem with set re-registration blocks for conditionally enrolled Master's students, as these have not been moved to 31/03/2021. However, the Central Office is already working on this and we will inform you as soon as re-registration is working again. We apologise for the inconvenience.
SUPPLEMENT 13.01.2021
Problems have been solved, re-registration is now possible.

Eingeschränkter Ausleihdienst

Aufgrund der Umstellung auf Stufe 3 des COVID-19-Stufenplans der Universität Göttingen werden die Vor-Ort-Services aller Standorte der SUB Göttingen vom 16.12.2020 bis zum 10.1.2021 ausgesetzt. Die Schließung betrifft die Zentralbibliothek, die Bereichsbibliotheken, das Historische Gebäude und das Lern- und Studiengebäude (LSG) der Universität Göttingen. In der Zentralbibliothek und in den Bereichsbibliotheken wird ein eingeschränkter Ausleihdienst zu diesen Zeiten angeboten.

Die Nutzerinnen und Nutzer dürfen die Physikbibliothek während der Öffnungszeiten (Mo-Fr von 9:00 – 18:00 Uhr) zum Ausleihen und Abgeben von Büchern am Selbstverbucher kurz betreten. Die Zahl der gleichzeitigen Besucher wird zur Sicherheit wieder auf 10 Personen reduziert, Desinfektionsmittel und Reinigungstücher für den Selbstverbucher werden großzügig ausgelegt.

Arbeitsplätze, PCs, Drucker und Scanner können nicht benutzt werden und alle anderen Services neben der Ausleihe und Abgabe von Büchern werden während des Lockdowns nicht angeboten.

Und noch ein Hinweis: das Physik-Gebäude ist verschlossen, bitte klingeln!

Die SUB Göttingen bietet verstärkt die Möglichkeit, sich an der virtuellen Informationstheke zu informieren und beraten zu lassen. Fragen können in einer Videokonferenz im BigBlueButton-Raum jetzt immer Montag bis Freitag, 11:00 – 12:00 Uhr und neu: 14:00 – 15:00 Uhr live gestellt werden.

CIP-Pool-Drucker in der Bereichsbibliothek Physik

In der BBP wurde ein CIP-Pool-Drucker aufgestellt. Infos zur Benutzung gibt es hier:
Website CIP Physik

May 18, 2021: Return to hybrid semester

We are pleased to inform you that the Faculty of Physics is returning to hybrid semester.

For you, this means that we will offer you as many face-to-face courses as possible under the current conditions.

You will be informed by the relevant lecturer whether a course will be held again in presence in the lecture hall. The same applies to all organisational questions such as meeting points, entry and exit, etc. Please note that the building is still closed for students. For the lectures in the 2nd and 4th semesters, so-called lecture hall groups will be set up, which will allow attendance on a rotational basis. Here, too, you will receive more detailed information from the lecturers. Of course, virtual participation is still possible.

Please remember that you have a certain amount of control over how long we can maintain this offer. Please adhere to the applicable hygiene regulations and rules (not only at the university) and show consideration for others. In particular, it is forbidden to enter the building if you have unexplained cold symptoms. In particular, please also make use of the university's testing facilities. Registration online at here

If you have tested positive for Covid-19, please report to the Office of the Dean of Students Office immediately.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Auf dem gesamten Uni-Gelände herrscht die Pflicht zum Tragen einer Mund-Nasen-Bedeckung. Dies gilt insbesondere auch draußen vor dem Gebäude, wenn Sie keine 1,5m Abstand einhalten können.

Office of the Dean of Studies still accessible

The staff of the Office of the Dean of Studies can still be reached by email.
Dr.. Lips will also be available by telephone during normal office hours (Mon-Fri 9-16 hrs).
Please refer to the page with the contact persons for contact details.
All subject-specific-advisors can also still be reached by email.
Documents and papers can be submitted via the mailbox in front of the faculty main entrance. The mailbox is emptied weekly.

Students without access to a computer

Students who do not have access to a computer are advised to contact the Dean of Studies' Office as soon as possible.
Since the summer semester will take place digitally, computer access is required for participation.

Mensa - Open!

Lunchbox North Campus: May 20, 2021
Zentralmensa: May 25, 2021

Faculty Building is closed for students

The faculty building is no longer accessible to students until further notice. Student card profiles have been adjusted accordingly.

Project internship physics

Projects which can be carried out as far as possible in homework with the necessary distance to other group participants (e.g. a project with a large proportion of software/analysis) should be pursued further - naturally in close consultation with the supervisor. If a certain "hands-on" part cannot be avoided, please check the feasibility under the guidelines issued by the Presidential Board:
infection control_measures_reduced_presence
and discuss the details with your supervisor in advance, also with regard to feasibility.