In publica commoda

Information for visitors and guests

Slowing down the spread of the coronavirus is a social challenge and the University of Göttingen wants to contribute as much as possible.
This means that presence at the University is largely suspended and many of the University's facilities and services are currently closed. No public events are taking place.
On our websites and through our social media channels, we are trying to answer the questions arising from the current situation as soon as we can.

Please use these information channels for any queries that arise. For enquiries to our staff, please use the central email addresses of the institutes and facilities as much as possible.

University Closed? Open!

Even if we cannot welcome you personally at the moment, there is a lot going on online. Here is a selection:

Alumni #ZumWohleAller

The Göttingen Alumni Network connects more than 30.000 former students and graduates with Göttingen University and its current work, teaching and research. Whether you are looking to keep in touch with old friends and class mates from your time in Göttingen or want to share your ideas, experience and expertise - your contribution makes this network a thriving and lively community. There are ample opportunities for you to network with fellow professionals and likeminded people online via the Alumni Portal and social networks LinkedIn, Facebook and Xing.

Tell us your story! How are you handling the current situation? Are you helping in any way? How is it in your country or city? We are looking for Alumni stories, send us an email to
Further information about Alumni Göttingen