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Coronavirus: Information & FAQ A-Z for students

Please note
Please note the recent updates to these documents:

The University's current and updated version of its coronavirus regulations and the entries in the A-Z list below are based on the current regulatory framework provided by state law and additional general rulings issued by the City of Göttingen. Please note that the University’s guidelines and regulations were put in place to ensure the safest possible operation of the University for all staff and students. In addition, however, each individual is also obliged to behave in a certain way with regard to the regulations according to state law and, if applicable, rulings issued by the City of Göttingen. The current status of these regulations can be found further down in the A-Z-list under the entry REGULATIONS AND DECREES

Until further notice, there are no open office hours at the Office of Student Affairs. However, the staff can be contacted by telephone +49 551 39-113 or by email at

The staff of the International Student Office can be contacted for all questions and concerns by phone at +49 551 39-27777 or by email at

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