Dr. Miryam Sarah Merk

Research Interests

  • Spatial and spatio-temporal statistics
  • Spatial econometric models
  • Supervised machine learning techniques
  • Environmental, ecological and economic applications



  • Merk, M.S. & Otto, P. (2021). Estimation of the spatial weighting matrix for regular lattice data - An adaptive lasso approach with cross-sectional resampling. Environmetrics, e2705.
  • Merk, M.S. & Otto, P. (2021). Directional spatial autoregressive dependence in the conditional first-and second-order moments. Spatial Statistics, 41.
  • Antoniuk, A., Merk, M. S. & Otto, P. (2021). Spatial Statistics, or How to Extract Knowledge from Data. In: Werner M., Chiang YY. (eds) Handbook of Big Geospatial Data, 399.
  • Camarretta, N., Ehbrecht, M., Seidel, D., Wenzel, A., Zuhdi, M., Merk, M. S., Schlund, M., Erasmi, S. & Knohl, A. (2021). Using Airborne Laser Scanning to Characterize Land-Use Systems in a Tropical Landscape Based on Vegetation Structural Metrics. Remote Sensing, 13(23), 4794.
  • Merk, M.S. & Otto, P. (2020). Estimation of Anisotropic, Time‐Varying Spatial Spillovers of Fine Particulate Matter Due to Wind Direction. Geographical Analysis, Vol. 52 (2): 254-277.