Dr. Quang Dung Lam

Research interests and activities:

  • Data analysis and numerical modeling of crop water requirement, crop growth, crop yield, and soil nutrient cycles in various agricultural catchment scales
  • Developement of GIS-based agrohydrological models for predicting the impact of climate change and land use change on agricultural production and water resources from meso- to macroscales
  • Field experiment, data collection and measurement at farming level

  • Publications:

    Lam, Q.D., Schmalz, B., Fohrer, N., 2012. Assessing the spatial and temporal variations of water quality in lowland areas, Northern Germany. Journal of Hydrology (438–439), 137-147.

    Lam, Q.D., Schmalz, B., Fohrer, N., 2011. The impact of agricultural Best Management Practices on water quality in a North German lowland catchment. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment. 183 (1-4), 351-79.

    Lam, Q.D., Schmalz, B., Fohrer, N., 2010. Modelling point and diffuse source pollution of nitrate in a rural lowland catchment using the SWAT model. Agricultural and Water Management, 97(2), 317-325.

    Lam, Q.D., Schmalz, B., Fohrer, N., 2009. Ecohydrological modelling of water discharge and nitrate loads in a mesoscale catchment, Germany. Advances in Geosciences. 21, 49-55.

    Lam, Quang Dung, 2001. Requirement and efficiency of on canal water loss reduction measures for Ke Go irrigation system. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.