Digital skills – Online Courses

Setting your own pace of learning, studying whenever and wherever you prefer, repeating a unit until you take it all in – all this is possible with our online digital skills courses. The concepts and terms in the courses are conveyed in the form of videos, short texts and various interactive quizzes. The courses are available in Stud.IP/ILIAS and are aimed at both beginners and slightly advanced students. Each course is divided into several chapters and can be completed in just about 2 hours. At the end of each course, you have the possibility to take a final test and receive a confirmation of participation.

These self-study courses were developed in cooperation with the project "Digital Skills for Students" by the Göttingen State and University Library. We have also put together a list of further online courses for you.


Searching like a pro

Wondering where to look for quality literature for your next presentation, term paper or thesis? In this online course, you will learn about different search platforms and effective strategies for literature searching. You will also receive helpful tips for searching in subject databases and evaluating your sources.


IT in a nutshell

This online course is designed to answer your questions about data, algorithms and AI. It introduces you to the basic principles and processes of information technology and offers an overview of in-depth or subject-specific methods and tools you will find useful for your studies.


Data security

What paths do your data take on the Internet? With this online course you can estimate which data you disclose on a daily basis and what effects this has. You will also learn about the measures you can take to protect your data.


Data visualisation

This online course introduces you to different types of graphs, charts and other forms of information visualisation. In this course, you will also receive basic tips for selecting the layout and design best suitable for depicting your data.



Are you looking for freely available photos and graphics to use in your next presentation? You are studying to become a teacher and would like to deal with innovative ideas from teaching practice? Open Educational Resources (OER) are free educational materials that can be used, edited and distributed free of charge without violating copyright laws.