In addition to lectures, tutorials and lab courses in particular are of central importance for successful physics studies. While the latter give students the opportunity to conduct their own experiments, tutorials in particular open up discourse and exchange among students to work on tasks together or to deepen the experiments and concepts shown in lectures.
Aware of this important building block of a successful study of physics, the Faculty of Physics in Göttingen has endeavoured since the beginning of the pandemic to offer our students - and here especially the first semester - a maximum of presence and to make the best possible use of the available room capacities in compliance with all valid hygiene regulations.

Already in the winter semester 2020/21, we were able to make it possible through a sophisticated hygiene concept that, on the one hand, students in the first semester were offered optimal starting conditions and, on the other hand, tutorials and lab courses for students of all semesters were carried out as far as possible in presence.

Even in the summer semester 2021, where new occupational health and safety regulations imposed a maximum occupancy capacity of 10m² per person, we were able to offer all second-semester lectures on a rotational basis as well as the tutorials of all subject semesters in presence.

Keeping in mind the dynamics of vaccination and the additional vaccination offerings at the University of Göttingen, our planning currently foresees that we will fill our lecture halls with 50 percent of the seats in the winter semester 2021/22. This would enable us for the core curriculum (1st-6th semester) to offer lectures in rotation as well as tutorials and the experiments of the basic lab courses entirely in presence.
Of course, there will be a complementary virtual offer for lectures and tutorials. We have already equipped our lecture halls for the 2020 summer semester so that each is suitable for streaming, receiving and recording courses. Conversion to a virtual offering is therefore also always possible if the general conditions change.
In addition, our lecture halls offer modern air-conditioning that dispenses with recirculation and discharges the air directly to the outside.
Der Vorkurs "Mathematische Methoden der Physik" findet erneut im Hybrid-Modell statt.
Das bedeutet, dass die Vorlesung zwar online angeboten wird, aber die dazugehörigen Übungen in Präsenz stattfinden. Für Studierende, die noch nicht in Göttingen sind oder nicht an Präsenzveranstaltungen teilnehmen können oder wollen, gibt es auch virtuelle Übungen.
Nähere Informationen finden Sie hier, die Anmeldung wird noch in dieser Woche freigeschaltet.