In publica commoda

Objective :
To boost their chances on the job market, students should focus on their skill set and their personal sales pitch ahead of applying for a job. Employers typically look for a variety of skills and the aim is to stand out of the crowd. It is essential for candidates to communicate effectively and to market their skills convincingly.
In this interactive lecture, we focus on the challenge of bridging the communication gap between applicants and potential employers. We will start by changing your perspective to that of a recruiter and what they are looking for. You will then learn how to develop your very own communications strategy. It will highlight those skills which you have acquired during your university career. The given impulses and suggested exercises will enable you to create your own sales proposition to support you in quickly starting your career.

  • What recruiters look for during the hiring process
  • Understanding your skill set as your “product”
  • Learn how to stand out of the crowd
  • Developing application strategies to communicate your selling point

Methods: Input, interactive elements, impulse questions and exercise suggestions

Target group: (International) students of all disciplines

Date: Wed, Dec 09th 2020, 5-7pm

Location: Link to the webinar will be sent after registration

Language: English

Trainer : Wolfgang Leybold (15 years’ experience as HR consultant, trainer and coach for career development, assessment center and leadership skills)

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