liveSciences³ Exchange Possibilities for Students

Which exchange possibilities does LiveSciences³ offer me?

Study abroad:

Study on-campus at one of the liveSciences³ partner universities in order to either participate in courses and seminars or work on your master thesis;

Online courses:

participate in online courses and seminars at one of the partner universities of the liveSciences³-Network.

If it is not possible for you to complete or begin your stay abroad in presence, virtual or hybrid mobility can also be supported within the framework of LiveSciences³, provided certrain conditions are met!

Which are the partner universities of LiveSciences³?

  • University of Göttingen (Germany);
  • University of Rennes 1 (France);
  • Free University Amsterdam (The Netherlands);
  • Aarhus University (Denmark);
  • University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina);
  • University of Talca (Chile);
  • Costa Rica Institute of Technology (Costa Rica).
Life Sciences_klein2

Which application requirements do I need to fullfill?

Study abroad:

    ✓ be an enrolled (Master) student at the University of Göttingen or one of the liveSciences³ partner universities;

    ✓ studying in the field of life sicences (agricultural sciences, biology, forest sciences) and/ or be interested in topics of sustainibility;

    ✓ have a very good knowledge of the language of instruction at your target university (e.g. English C1)

    Once studying at the partner university you have to:

    ✓ plan to complete courses of about 30 ECTS at your target university and to draw up a Learning Agreement for theses courses;

    ✓ have earned at least 12 ECTS at the end of your stay abroad;

    ✓ not recieve any further funding for the same period and purpose;

    ✓ are willing to write a final report and share it with prospective exchange students

Online Courses:

    ✓ have a very good knowledge of the language of instruction at your target university (e.g. English C1)

    ✓ separate rules

Wich funding can I recieve?

Study abroad:

liveSciences³ Mobility Grant: Students receive a one-off mobility allowance to cover travel expenses of up to 2.175€ depending on the location and additionally a monthly allowance of up to 1.125€ for 4 months max.

Online courses:

liveSciences³ Mobility Grant for Online Courses: The rate of funding depends on the number courses.

What are the deadlines I have to consider?

Study abroad:

September 30, 2121 for your stay beginning earliest on January 2022 (summer term/ 1st term 2022)
March 30, 2022 for your stay beginning earliest on July 01, 2022 (winter term/ 2nd term 2022/23)

Online courses:

August 25, 2021 for Online Courses at the University Göttingen during the upcoming winter term/ 2nd term 2021/22

Which documents do I need for my application?

For your liveSciences Mobility Grant application you need to upload the following documents in the application portal

Study abroad:

  • Motiational Letter (max. 1 page);
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular form;
  • Overview of recieved credits so far (performance record);
  • Copies of final certificate (students in BA: high school diploma; students in MA: BA Diploma);
  • Language certificates

Online Courses:

  • Overview of recieved credits so far
  • Language certificate

All documents have to be in PDF!

The detailled informations you fin below.

Where can I apply for the funding?

Register and apply on the following websites!

Study abroad: click here for your application

Online courses: click here for your application

Further information about the funding and the application can be found below our or contact us!

Further Information

How much financial support will I receive?

The support allowance is based on the cost of living in the respective country.

Incoming students receive the following contributions:

From... Travel Allowance [€] Accommodation Allowance [€/month]
Talca 2175 861
Cartago 1975 861
Sarajevo 525 861
Rennes 300 861
Aarhus 250 861
Amsterdam 250 861

Outgoing Students receive the following funding:

To... Travel Allowance [€] Accommodation Allowance [€/month]
Talca 2175 1075
Cartago 1975 1125
Sarajevo 525 1025
Rennes 300 900
Aarhus 250 1000
Amsterdam 250 850

When will I receive the payout?

The mobility allowance will be paid out immediately after receipt of the confirmation. The accommodation allowance will be transferred monthly to the account after the start of the semester abroad.

English Applicants who are not native speakers need to provide a proof of good knowledge of English. The following documents can be accepted as proof of language ability:

  • Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (min. Grade B);
  • Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (min. Grade C);
  • International English Language Testing System (IELTS) (min. 6 Points);
  • Minimum 550 Points in paper-based TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language);
  • Minimum 213 Points in computer-based TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language);
  • Minimum 80 Points in Internet-based TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language);
  • UNIcert level III;
  • C1 certificate of CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference).
Other languages: If more than 50 % of the lectures you choose are in another language (e.g. German) you also have to give a proof of your language skills. Level at least B2 is required.

Your letter of motivation should include the following:
Personal motivation:

  • What are your personal reasons for studying abroad?
  • Why is this international experience usefull for your personal progress?
  • What expectacions/ goals do you have?
  • How do you want to reach them during your stay abroad?

Professional motivation:
  • What are your academic/ professional goals?
  • How can the intended semester abroad help reaching these goals?
Your motivational letter should not be longer than one A4 page

The scholarship includes the travel and living costs (fixed rate for mobility + fixed rate for stay (max. 4months). It is possible that this financial support may not cover your costs before or during your stay abroad in total. Are you able to cover these additional costs? If yes, how do you plan to fund your exchange semester?

Your application will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

Evalutaion (%) Criteria
20% Personal motivation
40% Professional motivation
10% Financing draft
30% Grades
100% Rakings of all applicants
As you can see in the table, your grade (current performance record) is taken into account. This average grade should reflect a realistic picture of your current performance. Therefore, modules of at least 30 credits should have been successfully completed. If this is not the case, the grade of your previous degree (school or bachelor diploma) will be used for evaluation.

For students, coming to Göttingen:

This depends on whether your exchange is part of a Joint or Double Degree Program or not.

Information on semester fees at the University of Göttingen can be found here.

Exchange students pay a reduced amount.

Please note that these fees are not part of the grant and have to be paid by yourself.



Olga Uchlina
liveSciences³ Mobility Coordinator

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Room 1.117
37075 Göttingen

Telefon: +49 (0)551 39 21337

Dr. Anne Sennhenn
Project Coordinator

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Telefon: +49 (0)551 39 21294

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