Nachholen, aufholen, dranbleiben – Support for students with child(ren) during the corona pandemic

Students who have to look after their children during the corona pandemic and at the same time have to complete their studies were and are confronted with special challenges:

  • Due to the closure of daycare center and schools last summer semester, there was little time left for studying.
  • Even though the daycare centers and schools are open again, regular care has not yet returned to “pre-corona level”.
  • Afternoon care for school children is shortened.
  • Children are more quickly excluded from care due to signs of illness.
  • Individual cohorts in schools and daycare centers can be sent into quarantine from one day to the next.

In order to mitigate this fragile situation and offer more planning security, especially for the coming winter semester, child care hours can be applied for in order to make up for missed study content due to lack of child care, lost time and to stay on with your studies.
Supervision hours can be granted if:

  • Exams/learning material from the summer semester must be made up for.
  • Missed study days have to be made up for as a result of another corona-induced loss of regular care.
  • The child is not allowed to go to the daycare center or school as a result of illness and therefore missing study days have to be made up for.
  • The child minders will be arranged through our cooperation partner Kindertagespflege e.V. Göttingen.

The offer is financed by the AKB Foundation, the FamilienService decides on the allocation subject to funds. There is no legal claim to a certain number of hours of care.