For the allocation of Master and bachelor theses, the following regulations apply:

  • Please note: Due to the reappointment of the chair of production and logistics, master theses cannot be supervised any more. Bachelor theses can only be supervised, if they start in the 23rd calendar week, at the latest.
  • The Master or Bachelor thesis must be classified as belonging to the field of production and logistics.
  • The candidates select their topic either from the chair’s area of research or from the industry (please write a topic description of approx. 0,5 - 1 DIN A4 page).
  • You will find an overview of the chair’s topics for Bachelor and Master theses during the application period in the application portal (see link on the right).
  • Please apply in time for the thesis. Application is possible during the following periods:

    Application periods
    1 - 15 January
    1 - 15 April
    1 - 15 July
    1 - 15 October

Application in two steps:

  • Please fill out the online form (see link on the right, only available in German), which will be online during the application period. Under "Themenübersicht", you can directly apply for the chosen topics.
  • In paper form, in addition to the online form, please submit the following documents in due time to the secretariat (OEC 1.222, if necessary, insert in the mailbox):

    • Required: Application for admission to the Bachelor or Master thesis (available at the Examination Office of the Faculty of Business and Economics)
    • Required: Summary of achievements (available in FlexNow, report format: 1) Standard (only passed achievements))
    • Optional: If you propose your own topic, please also attach the related topic description.

Additional information:

  • The master thesis has to be presented in a colloquium, preferably at the end of the composition time. The presentation dates are arranged in consultation with the supervisor.
  • The chair encourages students to take courses on academic writing before starting the thesis. Especially, profound knowledge in the application of quantitative methods is recommended.