Opening event

On September 14, the Research Training Group 'Form-meaning mismatches' will host its inaugural event with an exclusive lecture by Noam Chomsky. The talk will be preceded by an address from the Vice- President of Research of the University of Goettingen (Bernhard Brümmer), and an introduction of the programme's aims and approaches by the Speaker of the RTG (Hedde Zeijlstra). Three graduate students of the training group (Lieke Hendriks, Judith Kalinowski and Gautam Ottur) in turn, set forth some of their goals for the coming three years.
The opening event will be completely interpreted in German Sign Language (DGS).

• Session I- Inaugural addresses (September 14, 7:30 to 8:15pm, CEST)
7:30 - Bernhard Brümmer
7:40 - Lieke Hendriks
7:50 - Judith Kalinowski
8:00 - Gautam Ottur
8:10 - Hedde Zeijlstra

• Session II- Opening lecture (September 14, 8:30 to 10pm, CEST)

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