Prof. Dr. Jan Muntermann

Short CV

  • Since 2022: Professor, Chair of Financial Data Analytics,
    University of Augsburg

  • 2010-2022: Professor, Chair of Electronic Finance and Digital Markets,
    University of Göttingen

  • 2008–2010: Assistant Professor, Chair of E-Finance & Securities Trading,
    Goethe University Frankfurt

  • 2007–2008: Research Associate, E-Finance Lab

  • 2007: Visiting Scholar, London Business School

  • 2002–2007: Research Assistant and Ph.D. student (Dr. rer. pol.),
    Goethe University Frankfurt

  • 2005: Visiting Researcher, Microsoft Research, Cambridge (UK)

  • 1997–2002: Interactive Data AG, Application Development

Selected Publications

  • Roeder, J., Palmer, M., and Muntermann, J. 2022. “Data-driven decision-making in credit risk management: The information value of analyst reports,” in Decision Support Systems (158:7), ScienceDirect.

  • Siering, M., Muntermann, J., and Grčar, M. 2021. “Design Principles for Robust Fraud Detection: The Case of Stock Market Manipulations," Journal of the Association for Information Systems (22:1), Article 4. [link]

  • Brendel, A.B., Lembcke, T.-B., Muntermann, J., and Kolbe, L.M. 2021. “Toward replication study types for design science research,” in Journal of Information Technology (36:3), pp. 198–215 [link]

  • Siering, M., Muntermann, J., and Rajagopalan, B. 2018. “Explaining and predicting online review helpfulness: The role of content and reviewer-related signals," Decision Support Systems (108:4), pp. 1-12. [link]

  • Eickhoff M., and Muntermann J. 2016. “Stock Analysts vs. the Crowd: Mutual Prediction and the Drivers of Crowd Wisdom,” Information & Management (53:7), pp. 835-845. [link]

  • Gregory, R. W., Keil, M., Muntermann, J., and Mähring, M. 2015. “Paradoxes and the Nature of Ambidexterity in IT Transformation Programs,” Information Systems Research (26:1), pp. 57-80. [link]

  • Rossnagel, H., Zibuschka, J., Hinz, O., and Muntermann, J. 2014. “Users’ Willingness-to-Pay for Web Identity Management,” European Journal of Information Systems (23:1), pp. 36-50. [link]

  • Gregory, R. W., and Muntermann, J. 2014. “Heuristic Theorizing: Proactively Generating Design Theories,” Information Systems Research (25:3), pp. 639-653. [link]

  • Nickerson, R. C., Varshney U., and Muntermann J. 2013. “A Method for Taxonomy Development and its Application in Information Systems,” European Journal of Information Systems (22:3), pp. 336-359. [link]

  • Groth, S., and Muntermann, J. 2011. “An Intraday Market Risk Management Approach based on Textual Analysis,” Decision Support Systems (50:4), pp. 649-776. [link]

  • Muntermann, J. 2009. “Towards ubiquitous Information Supply for Individual Investors: A Decision Support System Design,” Decision Support Systems (47:2), pp. 82-92. [link]

Further Publications