Corona information for ITP members, guest and students (May 30, 2022)

  • Please see this webpage (
  • Please continue to follow basic AHA+L rules . In particular, air your offices, meeting and seminar rooms as often as possible.
  • Face masks: Despite the current level 0 (green), face masks (OP mask or FFP2) must be worn at teaching events and committee meetings until 12 June, as long as an individual is not speaking or lecturing. Apart from this, masks are optional in buildings and at other events. From 13 June 2022, there is just a recommendation to wear a mask at teaching events and committee meetings. Until the end of the semester, we still recommend wearing a mask as well as getting tested regularly at Campus Covid Screen (CCS).
  • You can use the discussion rooms (A02.116, A03.127), the social room (A04.101) and SR3 and SR4 for discussions and interactions. Always make sure to air the room before, after and during meetings. SR3 and SR4 can only be used if they are not blocked for seminars etc.
  • What to do if you are infected or a contact person?
    See this webpage for the State´s regulations ( and this webpage ( for the University's regulations.
  • As an employer, the University voluntarily provides 2 self-tests per week for employees. The tests can be picked up at the secretary's office on the 3rd floor.