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On this page you will find explanations concerning important institutions at Göttingen University:

Göttingen International
As part of their responsibilities the International Office of the university provides services to prospective foreign students and currently enrolled foreign students as well as students interested in studying abroad.

This term is derived from the Latin verb alere: to nourish, foster.
Consequently, alumni are foster children of their alma mater.
The Alumni Association Göttingen sees itself as a link and communication platform between students, graduates, former students and the University.

Student Union Executive Committee (Allgemeiner Studierendenausschuss)
Self-governing body representing the interests of students at universities and funded by contributions charged to every student at enrolment and/or re-registration. The members are elected by the student parliament every year.

Business start-up Göttingen
This contact point for members of Göttingen University wishing to establish their own business offers basic orientation counselling for students, graduates and staff of Göttingen University or other research institutions interested in becoming self-employed.

At nine locations the Lower Saxony State and University Library Göttingen (SUB) offers a variety of study and research facilities divided into the central library and and divisional libraries. In addition, institutes and seminars operate their own special subject libraries. All libraries are used by both students and teaching staff.

Central university grounds in Göttingen with the main lecture hall building (ZHG), the university library (SUB), the institutes of four of the University's thirteen Faculties and the facilities of Student Services (dining hall, accommodation office, cafeteria).

Career Service
The Career Service of Göttingen University is the central contact point for all interested students, graduates and teachers on the one hand and potential employers and former students on the other hand. It offers information and counselling on career-related topics and professional qualification training courses.

EU-funded exchange programme to intensify international cooperation between universities in Europe, to promote the mobility of students and lecturers in Europe and to improve the quality of university education.

Protestant Student Congregation

Examination Office
The examination offices for each subject are responsible for formal examination procedures: deadlines, prerequisites, formalities, etc. must be clarified here.

Information and Technology transfer Göttingen
The function of the technology transfer office of the Research Department is to provide information about the University's potentials and to establish contacts between industrial enterprises and scientific institutions and/or scientists. It facilitates access to the universities research and development capacities for small and medium-sized enterprises and public institutions.


The seminar is the academic organisational body of a given subject or subject area. Seminar is also the designation for the relevant building (or part of a building).
A seminar is a course in which students ideally contribute a substantial part themselves, by way of presentations and statements; depending on the stage of studies, a distinction is made between proseminars, advanced seminars and post-graduate seminars.

Central Institution for Languages and Key Qualifications (ZESS)
The Central Institution for Languages and Key Qualifications (ZESS) offers language ckasses which can be taken independent of philology studies. Another function of the ZESS is speech training for students preparing for professions involving public speaking (such as teachers or lawyers).

Registrar's Office (Studierendenbüro)
The Registrar's Office (also designated as enrolment office at other universities) is in charge of all procedures in connection with starting and pursuing a course of studies. The Registrar's Office is only responsible for students from the member states of the European Union and post-graduate students who are German citizens and/or students who are holding a German university entrance qualification. Other students please contact Göttingen International.

Student Services
Institution for social support and assistance to the students of a university or university region. In Göttingen, Student Services is in charge of the following facilities: dining hall, student hostels, financial assistance under BAföG, accommodation office, social services, Psychological Counselling Centre, Cultural Office, child day care.

Student Advisory Office
Central or general student advisory office and subject-related counselling.

University library
A library open to students and teaching staff of all subjects; in Göttingen the Lower Saxony State and University Library (SUB) on the campus.

Multi-purpose building (VG)
Similar to the main lecture hall building, the multi-purpose building in Göttingen is used for courses (lectures, seminars, etc.) by several faculties and is located on the campus.

Central institutions
This is a collective term for the service institutions of a university which are independent of the university's administration, such as the University Sports Centre or the Language Teaching Centre.

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Main lecture hall building (ZHG)
Similar to the multi-purpose building, the main lecture hall building in Göttingen is used by several faculties for courses (lectures, seminars, classes, etc.) and is located on the campus.