Enterprises for the internship

What type of enterprise can be chosen for the internship?

The internship should be completed in enterprises only, with leaves the following possibilities (according to § 4 of the internship regulations):

  • Forest enterprises (“Forstbetrieb”) of all forest ownership types that are under the supervision of a person with a forestry college degree and that can offer to the interns a variety of insights and experiences
  • Forest amalgamations and service companies that organize and manage the whole spectrum of forest operations
  • Other enterprises that can guarantee to meet the conditions and goals set by § 5 of the internship regulations

Forst, Berufspraktikum: PraktikantInnen nach Bundesland und Semester How do I find an enterprise for my internship?
If you would like to do you internship with one of the German forest administrations of the Länder (“Landesforstverwaltung”), you can find them compiled on and access their sites through Wald-online .
Also, it can be helpful to contact the local forestry service. Other opportunities for your forest internship can be found with the German Council of Forestry (“Deutscher Forstwirtschaftsrat”).

Additionally, the internship counselor can provide information on forest enterprises and student’s reviews, if you should be interested.

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