The Agroecology Team


Carolina Ocampo-Ariza
Biodiversity and ecosystem services in fine-flavour cacao agroforestry of Peru

PhD students

Felix Klaus
Grid-based predictions of biodiversity and ecosystem services at different spatial scales

Guest scientists

Dr. Bea Maas

Dr. Thomas Cherico Wanger

Journal: Basic and Applied Ecology

Prof. Klaus Hoevemeyer
Managing Editor

BSc and MSc students

Students' room phone: +49 (0)551 / 39-33731

Adelina Weißmann
Effects of strip intercropping on pollinator communities

Katrin Hübner
Effects of habitat isolation on ground-nesting bee communities in agricultural landscapes

Daniel Ochterbeck
Butterfly diversity and flower-butterfly interactions in cacao agroforests of Peru

Benjamin Newstead
Predation assessments through dummy caterpillars and live prey in cacao agroforestry of Peru

Claudia Gottstein
Shade tree functional diversity in cacao agroforests of Peru

Marlene Ecker
Effects of cacao mass flower induction on flower visitation, flowering rates and early fruit set in Peru

Technical Assistant and Office

Susanne Jahn

Heike Francoli


Former scientist and students