A Fairy Tale

Part I – The Grimms In Göttingen (blue crowns - zoom in)
The historical center of Göttingen did not change drastically over the centuries. Come to live at the places where the Grimms passed the years and feel the romance of the ancient times still alive.
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Part II - Excursions To The Surroundings (red crowns - zoom out)
In the very close surrounding of Göttingen you find places where the fairy tales came from. May it be good marketing or the real source of the tale – take the ride to magical places and get bewitched by Rapunzel, Mother Holle and other good known entities of your childhood.
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Once upon a time, the Brothers Grimm came to Göttingen, the famous collectors of fairy tales.
They were Professors at the Georg-August-University between 1829 and 1837/38.
From 1806 on, the Brothers Grimm wrote down the fairy tales from the people who lived in the valleys and forests of the rivers Main, Werra, Weser and the Harz, Rhön and Solling mountains. They listened to the stories and used their knowledge of literature to load them with words and pictures and impressive descriptions of the story plot. The third edition of Grimms’ Fairy Tale collection was edited during their time in Göttingen.
You don’t know which part of a fairy tale is true or only added from the narrator. A fairy tale’s core may be true. It’s magic lives from the images of the time and the place where the story is from. The Grimms have been influenced by the images and experiences they once made in Göttingen – now it is your turn to load your imagination.

The city of science is the ideal place to study in a modern and international surrounding of theGöttingen Campus. Here you can meet students and scientists from all over the world since 1737.

Follow us to the places where the fairy tale might have happened - let it’s magic become reality.

Until they moved to Göttingen, the Brothers Grimm raised and lived in Kassel. Every semester we take you on an excursion to our neighbour city to visit the Grimm World Kassel museum, a modern venue that transports the brothers' fairy tales into the modern era. The bilingual (German / English) exhibition shows more than just formal displays. By artistic, medial and interactive means you can explore the fascination of the life, work and influence of the Brothers Grimm from A = ÄRSCHLEIN [ LITTLE ARSE ] over K = K KLEINWESEN [ LITTLE CREATURE ] to Z = ZETTEL [ SLIP OF PAPER ].
More information about the museum: https://www.grimmwelt.de/en/
You'll get all further information about the excursion during the orientation week. Stay tuned!