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General Information

Tel: (+49) (0)551 - 39 21195
E-Mail: Schreibzentrum@phil.uni-goettingen.de

Appointment for the individual advisory sessions

Tel: (+49) (0)551 - 39 21194 (Irina Barczaitis M.A.)
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Tel: (+49) (0)551 - 39 21193 (Dr. Melanie Brinkschulte)
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International Writing Partnership and InDiGU

Tel: (+49) (0)551 - 39 21191 (Annett Mudoh M.A.)
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Registration / Info on all activities / Workshops from the international Writing Center

Register via Stud.IP for our Workshops. Type the name of the event or the instructor in the field "Suchen".
Information on the Workshops are found in the Electronic course catalogue (UniVZ).

Information on how to use the studip

Normally all students are automatically registered and can use the ecampus-access. If not, register for that first. Only then it is possible to register to the activities and use the other functions. If you have difficulty registering contact the StudIP administration in the SUB on the 2nd floor , at the entrance of the LRC.