Research Interests
My field of research is Quantum Field Theory (QFT) which is concerned with the description of the quantum behaviour of the elementary constituents of matter, on the basis of fundamental principles of physics. My special interests are low-dimensional QFT's with conformal symmetry, their charge structure, and their relation to higher-dimensional QFT on anti-deSitter (curved) space-time. Publications)

Career History
1956 Born in Celle
1979 Diploma in Physics, U Heidelberg
WS 1980/81 ENS Paris
1984 PhD in Physics, U Freiburg (advisor: K. Pohlmeyer)
1984-1988 Research assistant, FU Berlin
1988-1990 Post doc, RU Utrecht
1991 Habilitation in Theoretical Physics, FU Berlin
1990-1997 Assistant, U Hamburg
WS 1992/93 Professor (in substitution), U Osnabrück
Since 1997 University Lecturer (Hochschuldozent), U Göttingen