Application procedure

An application for admission to BeCog requires the submission of several documents. To simplify the procedure, the entire application material can and shall be submitted by email.

The complete application package contains:

  • the application form
  • a scientific CV
  • degree certificates
  • a language certificate
  • a confirmation of supervision, signed by a member of BeCog
  • a short project proposal
  • a declaration whether another PhD dissertation will be or has been completed successfully or unsuccessfully
  • a confirmation stating that no commercial facilitators were involved in the application process; furthermore, a confirmation is required that no benefits conflicting with the dissertation protocol were received and that there are no grounds that may lead to a withdrawal of a doctoral degree

Successful applicants must provide the source documents (or certified copies thereof) upon accepting the offered place. All documents must be in English. Certificates may be in German.

The application form is available for download as a writeable pdf-file. Please complete the form, scan the other documents and assemble all documents in the described order in a single pdf-file. We provide a checklist to facilitate the preparation of the application package.

With sending the application form, you agree that you have read and accept the privacy policy.

The free Acrobat Reader* is required to open the application form. Converting and assembling files is possible with various freely available software packages, e.g. the pdf-creator*.

Please submit the complete application package to the BeCog coordination office ( We will confirm the receipt of your documents within two working days. In case you do not receive a confirmation, please contact us either via email or phone (0049-551-3851-480).
All applications will be checked for completeness. Note that we are not required to process incomplete application packages or to request missing documents. The program committee makes a decision about invitations to a panel interview. All applicants who had submitted a complete application package will be informed about the success of their application.
Applications are only valid for the current calls. To apply again at a later point, a new submission is required.

* we do not resume responsibility for the content of webpages we provide links to.