Helpdesk for International PhD students

Information at this pages were updated in September 2021. We apologize that GGG cannot present more up to date information because of staff shortages.

If you come from a foreign country and want to pursue your doctorate in the broad field of social sciences at Göttingen University, or if you supervise PhD students from foreign countries, the Helpdesk for International PhD students is here to support you.

The function of the Helpdesk is to answer international PhD students' and their supervisors' non-subject-specific questions, help doctoral candidates to settle down in Göttingen and get familiar with everyday life in Germany. The Helpdesk also provides opportunities for international PhD students to meet and connect with other international and German doctoral candidates.

At the beginning of a doctorate:

  • You want to supervise an international PhD student at your chair and are looking for support in general questions on getting them started?
  • You have an admission for PhD studies at one of the faculties, programs or Research Training Groups associated with GGG and have questions on how to proceed with your PhD at Göttingen University?
  • You recently arrived in Göttingen and are looking for general information on the town and university?

With these questions you can contact the Helpdesk via telephone or email or meet us at GGG's office. If we cannot answer your questions directly, our extensive connections to the faculties and institutions of the university will make sure to get you in contact with the appropriate person or department to answer your question. An overview over information for international doctoral students is provided by the International office here.

Networking during your PhD studies:

  • You are pursuing your doctorate at Göttingen University and would like to get into contact with other (international) PhD students and share some thoughts on life and studies in Göttingen?
  • You want to take part in intercultural events, learn about German culture and traditions or visit Göttingen's surrounding areas?

The Helpdesk aims to guide you through the jungle of offers for international PhD students at Göttingen University and frequently spotlights events that we consider particularly advisable.

Counseling during your PhD studies:

You can contact the Helpdesk directly, or choose from the wide range of counseling offers at GGG. In particular, we recommend GGG's PhD Funding Guidance. There, you can get information both on GGG's own financial support for PhD students and on scholarships, offers and funding opportunities provided by other institutions.

If you have any questions, ideas or criticism on our events or support, please let us know.