On 26 Feb 2021 and 05 Mar 2021 the English Department in collaboration with the International Writing Centre of Göttingen University offers

AWWA: Academic Writing Workshops Afternoons

to all students enrolled in one of the degree programmes at the Department. If you are currently preparing for a term paper, would like to get some feedback on your writing, are thinking about a BA or Master thesis, there is something for everyone, with workshops on reading and writing strategies and topic finding, individual counselling on writing strategies, an introduction to the library services and research and individual counselling on specific papers.

Registration for the event as such is through StudIP (just search for AWWA) from Feb 17, 2021, 8am.
Please note that you also have to enroll in the group pertaining to the event you wish to take part in - for that, go to the Participants tab and choose Groups on the left.