Camtasia (Screencasting)

Camtasia Studio/Mac is a screen recorder and video editor that lets you create, edit, and produce professional quality videos that can be shared with everyone, on nearly any device.

What can you do with Camtasia Studio/Mac?
Use Camtasia Studio to make tutorials, as well as a variety of training videos. If you use the Inverted Classroom Model you can save some lecture time by providing organisation infomaterial in advance. Camtasia Studio lets you record and polish video of your computer screen, add imported media, create interactivity (quizzing), and instantly share to YouTube, mobile devices and more.

Camtasia Studio´s recording technology lets you easily capture professional quality screen recording, along with audio and webcam video. Use a separate microfone for good audio captions. You can use webcam captions if you think they are usable for the students.

Add polish to all of your videos with drag-and-drop ease. Use a variety of music, callouts, motion backgrounds, and more to grab your audience's attention and keep it.

Easily share high-quality, HD videos or smaller video sizes for mobile devices. Send your videos straight from Camtasia Studio/Mac to your YouTube or account. Upload your files on the university media server and by this integrate the videos into your StudIP lecture.
Firstly, have a closer look on the copyright act for internal use of your videos with foreign content (§52a UrhG extended till 12/31/2014) and in special for publicating in the web.
Advice: Use only your own captions and pictures or get some creative commons material which you citate correctly by the given guideline.

Text: TechSmith (enhanced)