Career Prospects

Successful completion of a degree programme opens a number of career perspectives. The traditional career path of joining the state forest service is being increasingly replaced by other career prospects.

Logs at the Forest Road (by J. Brötz)State Forest Service and Forest Enterprises

As a consequence of different age structures and political standing, the chance of joining the state forest service varies between the German states. In addition to the state forest service, opportunities also exist in the national forest service, Chamber of Agriculture, community authorities and conservation agencies.
In all 5 study programmes students can fulfil the entrance requirements to the state forest service. The combination of courses required can be found in the conditions of study.

Log stack (by S. Sprauer)Wood Industry and Wood Trade

Good career prospects are provided by international and national companies that use, process and sell wood. Career starts mostly arise through internships or through personal contacts to companies provided by institutes at the faculty.

Measurement Tower in Solling Forest (by F. Holzwarth)Research

In addition to practice-oriented professions, the cross-faculty research centres at the university offer attractive alternative career prospects for graduates. A scientific career starts with a PhD, which is supported either by part time employment at an institute or by a stipend.

Forest (by A. Dohrenbusch)International Organisations

Revision of the degree programmes has increased career prospects with international organisations. These include projects with development agencies (e.g. GTZ), science (CARBOEUROPE, LBA), the World Bank, UNEP or Cifor, as well as forestry administrations abroad and international conservation organisations.

Balance on a Tree TrunkSelf-Employed Contractors

In Germany, management of private and community forests is increasingly carried out by contractors. This service industry has expanded into nature conservation and rural resource management, providing new self-employment opportunities.

Wildlife Biology Excursion (by M. Ksinsik)Others

In addition to employment in forestry related professions, graduates of this faculty find employment in a number of other areas, such as journalism, politics, teaching, or agriculture. Of course there is competition with graduates from these subject areas, but you will benefit from a broad knowledge of ecology, technology, economics and politics, and have the ability to apply this to complex situations.

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